Ecovadis rating: EDF Luminus reaches the level “advanced” for its societal performance

With a score of 81/100, EDF Luminus is among the enterprises best rated by EcoVadis, a platform for the assessment of suppliers in terms of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. EDF Luminus increased its score by 19 points compared to 2016 and by 26 points compared to its first assessment in 2012, and is now among the top 1% of the 31.000 assessed enterprises in the whole world.  The enterprise has reached the “advanced” level, the ultimate proof of its strong social commitment.

What is EcoVadis?

Supplier-related environmental and social risks constitute a major concern for large enterprises. EcoVadis is an independent, objective assessment platform, the purpose of which is to improve the environmental and societal performance of enterprises. In their analysis, EcoVadis takes into account the specific features of each sector. Each assessment indicates the measures to be taken in order to improve the score obtained.


Advanced level for EDF Luminus

The EcoVadis methodology is based on 4 themes (Environment, Labour practices, Business ethics and Responsible procurement). The average score of the enterprises assessed by EcoVadis worldwide is slightly over 42 points. In November 2016, EDF Luminus obtained an overall score (weighted average of the 4 themes) of 81 points, earning the enterprise the qualification “advanced” where its CSR commitment is concerned. This means that EDF Luminus is now among the top 1% of the 31.000 enterprises assessed by EcoVadis.


Increasing results in the four areas concerned

The scores obtained by EDF Luminus in 2016, compared to those of 2015, reflect a major evolution and a genuine willingness to engage in corporate social responsibility. The enterprise has greatly improved its performance in general, with an increase from 70 to 90 for the environmental aspect, from 70 to 80 where labour practices are concerned, from 40 to 70 for business ethics and from 40 to 70 in the field of responsible procurement.


The principal measures taken in order to achieve these improvements include:

- major investments in renewable energy and energy services

- increased transparency in the field of the main challenges (GRI4 reporting, measures in favour of biodiversity)

- the creation of training module on ethical standards

- mapping of supplier-related risks


CEO of EDF Luminus Grégoire Dallemagne states: “EDF Luminus is proud to be among the top 1% of the enterprises assessed by EcoVadis throughout the world. This qualification reflects our willingness to take on the challenges we are faced with today and to reduce our environmental footprint in order to contribute to the fight against climate change. In the past years, we have intensified our commitment towards sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. We are proud of our ability to face these new challenges. Our score is proof of the commitment of all our employees.”


As is the case every year, the CSR report of EDF Luminus is available online (   A version printed on recycled, certified and CO2-compensated paper can be obtained upon request at

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About Luminus

We produce electricity and provide energy as well as energy services. We are the number one in onshore wind energy and hydropower in Belgium. We play a central role in securing energy supplies in Belgium thanks to several natural gas power plants that enable us to respond to the variable character of solar and wind energy. With an installed capacity of 2,199 MW in January 2024, Luminus represents about 10% of the total installed capacity in Belgium. We sell electricity, natural gas and energy services to private and corporate clients, with a commercial market share of about 23%. We invest in future energy challenges by offering innovative solutions to clients in the field of energy efficiency and by keeping focusing on sustainable energy development. We have  2,915 employees. The majority of these people are fully dedicated to the development of energy efficiency services and renewable energy. For the twelfth year in a row, our company is among the 87 companies that have been elected Top Employer in Belgium. We have strong ties with local communities and boast the expertise of the EDF Group, one of the world leaders in the energy industry. More information is available on


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