EDF EN SERVICES BELGIUM inaugurates its first operation-maintenance branch for renewable energy

Villers-le-Bouillet, 14 September 2016 – EDF EN Services Belgium officially inaugurated its first local operation-maintenance (O&M) branch in the province of Liège today. Its aim is to enable teams to rapidly intervene on renewable energy installations of its customers in the Liège region.


EDF EN Services Belgium is a joint subsidiary of EDF Luminus and EDF EN Services, dedicated to renewable energy. Its purpose is to provide operation and maintenance services to the owners of wind farms and industrial photovoltaic installations in Belgium. Its services are aimed at ensuring that the installations continue to produce throughout their service life on the one hand, and at improving their performance and efficiency on the other.

Increased flexibility thanks to proximity

Located in Villers-le-Bouillet in the province of Liège, in the immediate vicinity of the installations it manages, the branch already takes care of the operation and maintenance of four wind farms boasting 20 turbines with an installed capacity of 41.4 MW: Villers-le-Bouillet and Wanze (12 MW), Walcourt (9 MW) and Ciney (20.4 MW).

A new activity at the service of other renewable energy installation owners

The activities performed by EDF EN Services Belgium occupy a unique position in the Belgian market thanks to all-inclusive contracts, 24/7 monitoring of the installations’ operation, an availability warranty, multi-turbine expertise and a joint effort with customers to improve the performance of the facilities.

These assets combined with the expertise of EDF EN Services, a subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles dedicated to operation and maintenance which manages over 14 000 MW of renewable energy installations in the whole world, as well as with the strong local presence of EDF Luminus in Belgium, now allow the company to put its know-how increasingly at the disposal of other operators of renewable energy installations, whether wind farms or industrial photovoltaic installations.

To achieve its ambitions, EDF EN Services Belgium plans to triple its operation-maintenance capacities in a first stage by 2017. Three new technicians will join the team in 2016 and for additional positions will be created in 2017. In the long run, the company has the ambition to become an indispensable player in the Belgian market thanks to its unique expertise, which enables it to ensure O&M management of various turbine technologies and renewable energy installation types.


About EDF Energies Nouvelles

EDF Energies Nouvelles is an international market leader in green electricity production with over 9 GW of gross installed capacity worldwide. Its development is mainly focused on wind and solar photovoltaic energy. Mostly operating in Europe and North America, EDF EN has recently extended its activities to promising emerging markets and new countries (Chile, Brazil, South Africa and India). The Company, which is taking up a strong position in the field of offshore wind energy, is also present in other segments of the renewable energy market: marine energy, biogas and biomass as well as distributed energies. EDF EN manages the development and construction of renewable energy projects as well as their operation and maintenance, for its own account and for third parties. EDF Energies Nouvelle is a subsidiary of the EDF Group dedicated to the development of renewable energy. www.edf-energies-nouvelles.com

Manon de Cassini-Hérail

Responsable des relations presse EDF EN

Clarisse Placidoux

Chargée des relations presse EDF EN

Nico De Bie

Head of External Communication EDF Luminus, EDF Luminus

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