EDF Luminus and the city of Hasselt have made the municipal library more energy-efficient

EDF Luminus and the city of Hasselt have made the municipal library more energy-efficient

Together with its partner ATS and the city of Hasselt, EDF Luminus has conducted a pilot project to improve the energy performance of the municipal library. The project will result in a 30% drop in gas consumption and a 7% drop in electricity consumption.


An energy audit performed by EDF Luminus for the city of Hasselt showed that the library’s energy performance could be significantly improved. The library staff had requested this energy audit: they reported large temperature fluctuations inside the building.


EDF Luminus’ partner ATS worked on the heating, air conditioning and ventilation of the building for two weeks.


The total investment will be recouped in just 4 years and will result in a 30% reduction in gas consumption and a 7% reduction in electricity consumption. EDF Luminus and ATS will now intensively monitor the energy consumption in the municipal library for 1 year. The library staff has also received the necessary training to use the new installations correctly.


Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO of EDF Luminus: “EDF Luminus has strong ties with Hasselt, where it employs 400 people. I’m therefore delighted that we can conduct this pilot project here together with our partner ATS. Thanks to our majority stake in ATS, we can assist our customers even better in the optimisation of their energy use by providing total solutions such as energy-saving advice, the full realisation of electrical and heating installations, and maintenance.”


Hilde Claes, Mayor of the city of Hasselt: “This collaboration once again shows that the city of Hasselt feels very strongly about sustainability. Through this project, we are taking major steps in terms of energy efficiency, in this case in our municipal library. This is not just good for the environment, but also for the municipal coffers, as our efforts yield a considerable financial benefit to us. By setting a good example, we aim to encourage households and companies to improve their energy efficiency, because it can only be to their advantage.”

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Hilde Claes Burgemeester stad Hasselt
Hilde Claes Burgemeester stad Hasselt
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