EDF Luminus launches a new 100% green and 100% Belgian rate, « Luminus #BeGreen »

On the occasion of the launch of its new 100% Belgian and 100% green rate, « Luminus #BeGreen », EDF Luminus presents the smartflower, the first all-in-one and ready-to-use photovoltaic system in the world. A competition will give two schools the chance to obtain this revolutionary system.

Luminus #BeGreen Fix : 100% green, 100% Belgian and 100% carbon neutral gas

The new Luminus #BeGreen Fix rate is another example of EDF Luminus’s determination to play an active part in renewable energy production and in the fight against climate change. It guarantees 100% green electricity, exclusively generated by the Belgian renewable energy sources (wind, solar and hydro energy) thanks to which EDF Luminus covers the average consumption of 200,000 households. In addition, it ensures the supply of CO2-compensated gas thanks to the financial support of projects linked to the fight against global warming.

Luminus #BeGreen not only respects the environment, but also the customer’s budget, as it comes with numerous advantages: fixed price during one year, two months' free electricity in the first year by way of introductory discount and many other benefits, such as a discount of up to 60% on the purchase of LED lamps for all our customers. These benefits come on top of the habitual 5-star[i] service of the supplier (24/7 customer service, relocation with a simple telephone call, budget tracking thanks to the MyLuminus app, digital invoices…).


A smartFlower to educate the future generations about renewable energy

On the occasion of the launch of this new rate and in order to make future generations aware of the importance of renewable energy for the future of our planet, EDF Luminus will organise a competition for educational institutions, from preschools to secondary schools. Participating schools can post a photo of a drawing or craft project representing an idea to make the school "greener" on the site www.luminus.be/concours between 1 October and 15 November. The two most original projects will be rewarded with the installation of a smartflower, the first all-in-one and ready-to-use photovoltaic system in the world. This revolutionary solar panel system in the shape of a flower generates up to twice the amount of energy of a traditional photovoltaic installation.


An energy partner at the service of man and the planet

EDF Luminus has been investing in renewable energy for over 60 years. Over 17% of its production capacity comes from renewable energy sources in Belgium. The company is the leader in onshore wind power and hydropower generation in Belgium. CEO of EDF Luminus Grégoire Dallemagne states: “From a climate perspective, we have reached a turning point in our history and we all have a role to play, regardless of our position in society. As a responsible energy producer, EDF Luminus intends to make all citizens aware of its commitment. Raising the awareness of future generations is essential for the future of our planet. Our 1500 employees are working every day to make EDF Luminus the first energy partner of our customers, offering them progress and comfort thanks to our 5-star service, our innovative and sustainable solutions, the worldwide expertise of EDF and our strong local presence. This is proven once more by the initiatives we are announcing today.


[i] Five-star service according to the classification of VREG

Flyer #BeGreen NL / FR

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Nico De Bie

Head of External Communication, EDF Luminus

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