EDF Luminus makes KRC Genk stadium the greenest in Belgium: the Luminus Arena

EDF Luminus and KRC Genk have today announced their cooperation to make KRC Genk stadium CO2 neutral by 2020, which is unique in Belgium. The stadium will henceforth be known as the Luminus Arena.

Belgium’s first CO2 neutral stadium

EDF Luminus will undertake various works on the stadium with a view to making it CO2 neutral by 2020. Heating and cooling will be automated. Boilers will be replaced. Pipes will be insulated and the pitch heating system will be optimised. Electrical circuits will be replaced. In addition, 400 solar panels will be installed on the roof. And much more… The works will begin this year. They are expected to quickly result in a 30% decrease in electricity and gas consumption.

KRC Genk stadium will be renamed Luminus Arena and as a CO2 neutral stadium, it will follow in the footsteps of foreign football temples such as Amsterdam Arena, Wembley Stadium and Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt.

First energy partner

This cooperation fully reflects the EDF Luminus strategy to become the first energy partner in Belgium, not just of residential customers but also of professional customers. Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO of EDF Luminus: “Thanks to our recent acquisitions of e.g. ATS, Dauvister and Vanparijs Engineers, we can provide a complete range of services to our professional customers. The collaboration with KRC Genk will enable us to greatly increase our external visibility. At EDF Luminus, we are therefore very proud to make the Luminus Arena the first CO2 neutral stadium in Belgium and strengthen our ties with the province of Limburg further.”

The supporters and the general public will be inspired by this partnership as well. The works will be translated into concrete, innovative and sustainable tips to save energy at home and to reduce their environmental footprint. Furthermore, it will be possible to keep track of the different stages of the works and their progress on the KRC Genk website.

Strong focus on innovation

Everybody must do their bit in the fight against global warming, including football temples, and KRC Genk has fully understood this. Patrick Janssens, CEO of KRC Genk: « KRC Genk is dedicated to the community, and it therefore has a key social role to play. Our stadium was built 20 years ago and is not really an example of sustainable development. Our club was thinking for a long time about the possibility to bring change. When talking with Luminus we understood that this partner could help us. It is our ambition to have a CO2 neutral stadium by 2020. A project in which our supporters and business relations will play an active role.  Cristal remains a loyal partner of the club. The Alken-Maes brewery, also a pioneer in the field, is very active in the field of sustainable development, limiting e.g. significantly its CO2 emissions and water consumption. We will still serve Cristal in the stadium, and KRC Genk will remain the largest Cristal-pub of Belgium. »



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Nico De Bie

Head of External Communication, EDF Luminus

Willem Boogaerts

Brand & Communication Manager

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