New agreement regarding the EDF Luminus shareholders structure

EDF Luminus’s shareholders Publilec, Socofe, Ethias and Nethys and the EDF Group[1] have today, 26 October 2015, signed an amendment to the shareholders agreement, which reiterates their willingness to support the company’s development. This agreement terminates the project to launch an IPO which had been initiated in May of this year.

EDF Luminus welcomes the agreement reached this October 26, 2015 between Publilec, Socofe, Ethias and Nethys on the one hand and the EDF Group on the other hand, reiterating their support for the long term development of the company.

The amendment, signed today, extends the shareholders agreement until 2025 and involves the following reorganisation of the shareholder structure:

  • Four Belgian shareholders remain: Publilec (26,4%), Socofe (4,7%), Ethias (0,2%) and Nethys (0,1%) will, via the shareholders agreement, benefit from a liquidity mechanism which will enable them to exit the capital of EDF Luminus from the end of 2018.
  • EDF Group [1] will acquire Publilum and VEH’s 6.33% stake in EDF Luminus, increasing EDF Belgium’s stake to 68,63% (instead of 62,3% previously) [2]

In consequence, the Board of Directors of EDF Luminus, in its meeting of October 26, 2015, has decided to stop the IPO project which had been initiated in May of this year and which had until now been welcomed by investors.  This evolution of EDF Luminus1 shareholder structure allows the company to keep its local integration while continuing to benefit from the support of the EDF Group.

EDF Luminus is the number one challenger in the Belgian energy market.  The company has a significant fleet of renewable energy assets and, in 2014, was the number one hydro generator and the largest wind developer in the country.  EDF Luminus has the ambition to continue to grow its renewable energy asset base over the coming years.  In parallel, EDF Luminus has developed significantly in energy services and the acquisition of Rami Services, Dauvister and ATS enables the company to offer its customers a range of new, high value-added, energy efficiency solutions.


Paul De fauw, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EDF Luminus: “EDF Luminus has been able to face up to the challenges in the Belgian energy market to become a genuine provider of energy services. I believe that the company will more than ever be a key player in the Belgian market. VEH and Publilum have expressed their wish to exit the capital of EDF Luminus, while the other shareholders have chosen to carry on supporting EDF Luminus. I strongly welcome the global agreement which has been signed.”

Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO of EDF Luminus: « I am delighted that our strategy and our ambition to become the first choice energy partner, bringing progress and comfort to all our customers through our 5 star service, our innovative and sustainable solutions, the global expertise of EDF and our strong local presence has been confirmed. The work which was done in preparing for a possible IPO has further strengthened confidence in EDF Luminus. I am pleased to be continuing our strategic developments alongside shareholders we know well and which have always supported us throughout the transformation of the company which was initiated in 2011. We are today reaping the benefits, especially with regards to our client portfolio that has reached 1,800,000, a real performance in a highly competitive market. »

    [1] Via EDF Belgium, a 100% owned subsidiary of EDF Group

    [2] Shareholder stakes are expressed as a percentage after conversion of profit certificates into ordinary    shares

Nico De Bie

Head of External Communication, EDF Luminus

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